Because the resources behind the project are very limited, we will not spend time making any preamble about the relational model and the SQL model in this context, assuming that those who are reading these pages are familiar with the concepts.

In these pages you will find the bare minimum descriptions on how to use DeveelDB in your applications and the differences and derivations from the known SQL standard and the behavior of the system in determined conditions.

Installing The Library

Because at the moment DeveelDB comes simply as a library for .NET applications, to get started the user must reference the library from the typical distribution sources, such as NuGet or compressed archives.

Technical Requirements

DeveelDB 2.0 is built on top of the .NET Framework v3.5 and is currently oriented only to Windows (a new version based on .NET Standard is currently under development, to target any Operating System).

.NET Framework 3.5

NuGet Installation

The most likely alternative to use the functionalities of DeveelDB is to reference the package deployed to the different sources we use for Development, Stage and Production, and divided by intended architecture (x86, x64 and Any CPU)

Phase Source Package Feed URL
Development MyGet
Stage NuGet
Production NuGet

Once referenced the sources in the NuGet.config (read this guide hoow to make it), it is possible to install one of the following packages

Package Name Architecture
deveeldb Any CPU
deveeldb-x86 Windows 32 Bit
deveeldb-x64 Windows 64 Bit

Download Compressed Archives

The Continuous Deployment process used to develop DeveelDB creates a new set of archives of the library for each successful build and publish them together with the tag of the version on GitHub.

It is possible to download the archives of the latest release or any previous release, and reference the library directly from the application. These libraries are absolutely equivalent to the ones deployed to other sources.

Creating A Simple Database

Store Data into the Database

Querying the Database